A WOMAN from Flintshire died of from a severe blunt force head injury as a result of acute alcohol intoxication, an inquest heard.

Sarah Louise Gibbons, of Broncoed Park, Mold, was pronounced dead on July 20, 2020 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

At County Hall in Ruthin on Friday, an inquest was held into 48-year-old Mrs Gibbons' death.

A former nail technician, Mrs Gibbons, who was born in Wrexham, was admitted to hospital on July 17 after falling on Brunswick Road, Buckley.

The inquest heard Mrs Gibbons was 'alcohol dependent' and led a 'troubled existence'.

When blood tests were carried out at the Maelor, Mrs Gibbons blood alcohol levels were 375 microgrammes - several times above the legal drink and drive limit of 80mcg.

The inquest heard how Mrs Gibbons health deteriorated after being admitted into the Maelor and she was admitted to ICU after becoming unconscious.

After two days in ICU, Mrs Gibbons was pronounced dead.

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Mrs Gibbons, who was suffering from liver disease and who the inquest heard was 'significantly intoxicated' upon admission to hospital, had been on her way to the hairdressers when she fell.

In the weeks before her death, Mrs Gibbons had suffered a number of falls, significantly on July 5.

The inquest heard Mrs Gibbons had fallen down the stairs at her home and had hit her head, which caused an acute subdural haematoma.

On July 8, Mrs Gibbons reported to North Wales Police that she had been pushed down the stairs, before redacting the comment.

A police investigation was opened after the death of Mrs Gibbons, into whether the injury sustained between the period of July 2 to 8 was as a result of her being pushed.

Supt Jackie Downes, from North Wales Police, confirmed that the injury sustained by Mrs Gibbons on July 5 was the fatal injury that led to her death.

But at that time, Mrs Gibbons had no contact with the person she claimed had pushed her and therefore the investigation was closed.

The haematoma sustained by Mrs Gibbons was given as the cause of death by John Gittins, senior coroner for North Wales East and Central.

He concluded that the death of Mrs Gibbons was accidental.