REPORTS of anti-social behaviour at a nature reserve in Flintshire has sparked a combined response.

North Wales Police is working with local councillors and residents to tackle the issue at the Knowle Hill nature reserve in Buckley.

The area is managed by the Wild Ground environmental organisation, and has proven controversial.

A major row ensued after local children were told to stop using the area as a bike track over fears for a protected population of great crested newts present at the location.

Some local residents said that it was another example of a nice thing being taken away from children - leaving them with nothing to do. 

The Leader: A great crested newt. A great crested newt.

Last month, Wild Ground said damage was caused to the reserve by fires being lit and rubbish left by campers.

On Wednesday (May 11), North Wales Police's South Flintshire took to social media to say: "Multi agency visit to Knowle hill nature reserve this afternoon with PCSO Lewis Jones, Councillor Richard Jones and Community Safety Officer, Kelsey Reed, along with a concerned resident to discuss recent issues over under age drinking and general ASB (anti-social behaviour) in the area.

"Directed patrols to be made to the area and various other strategies discussed to combat the issue."

The Leader: Fire damage and rubbish at Knowle Hill nature reserve. Fire damage and rubbish at Knowle Hill nature reserve.