The Leader team covers a wide range of cases at our area's Crown and Magistrates Courts each week.

Here's a roundup of some of the cases we have covered this week in case you missed them.


Woman took her own life after 'campaign of harassment' from ex, court told

The Leader: Sam Knowles. Image: North Wales PoliceSam Knowles. Image: North Wales Police

This man was "obsessed" with his ex-partner and carried out a persistent campaign of harassment against her.

His behaviour even continued while he was behind bars, with him directing others to contact her on his behalf.

More information on this case can be found here.



Sex offender chef jailed after deceiving community about his criminal past

The Leader: Richard Young. Image: North Wales PoliceRichard Young. Image: North Wales Police

This man went about his life in a "close-knit" Wrexham community - interacting with families and children for over a year and a half.
But the convicted sex offender hadn't let parents know about his background, or told the police where he was living.
More about this case can be found here.


Flintshire crutch attack left onlookers 'petrified', court hears

The Leader: Ryan Kelvin Seaman. PIC: North Wales Police.Ryan Kelvin Seaman. PIC: North Wales Police.

A 24-year-old took his friend's crutch from him and began beating another man 'over the back' with it.

The incident had left the complainant's partner 'petrified,' the court heard.

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Flintshire teenager "lost the plot" and attacked police with washing basket

The Leader: Wrexham Magistrates CourtWrexham Magistrates Court

This 19-year-old tried to barricade her door with a mattress to stop the police getting in and arresting her then partner.

When they reattended at a later date and forced entry, she screamed and shouted, threatening to pull an officer down the stairs with her.

More details on this story can be found here.


73-year-old got "wrecked out of his mind" and hurled abuse at hospital staff

The Leader: Wrexham Maelor HospitalWrexham Maelor Hospital

This man had been out for a birthday celebration - but ended his night intoxicated in A&E.

Although initially pleasant and jolly, he became abusive and aggressive with staff.

You can find out more about this case here.


Wrexham mum threatened to 'bang out' police after stealing tracksuits

The Leader: Eagles Meadow. Image: Google. Inset: Wrexham Magistrates CourtEagles Meadow. Image: Google. Inset: Wrexham Magistrates Court

This 34-year-old "reacted very badly" when told by police shat she was to be strip searched.

Her attack on two police officers came after she stole sportswear and hair dye from town centre shops.

More information on this case can be found here.


Man who 'left crashed car on roof and ran into field' was 20 times drug limit

The Leader: Downing Road (Image: Google) and, inset, a police drugs testDowning Road (Image: Google) and, inset, a police drugs test

According to this forklift driver, he was offered drugs in a toilet before he went on to crash his car.

The vehicle collided with a telegraph pole and was found on its roof after the 35-year-old ran off into a field.

More information on this story is here.


'Foolish' fisherman in court after stealing from tackle shop

The Leader: Tackle and Baits (Image: Google)Tackle and Baits (Image: Google)

This 29-year-old was caught on CCTV taking items from a Saltney fishing tackle and bait shop.

The court heard he "tried it on" after hearing some other people had managed to steal things from the business.

You can find out more about this case here.


Man fined for causing "commotion" while drunk in street

The Leader:

Police officers were called out several times to deal with this man, who was shouting in the street and knocking on doors.

The court heard he had a "misunderstanding at home" which preceded the incident, and had been looking for a place to stay.

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