A FLINTSHIRE resident is calling for action after a third separate instance of a car ploughing into his garden occurred.

Scott Thomas, who lives just off the A549 Dirty Mile in Dobshill, has said it is but "by the grace of God" that someone has not been killed, or seriously injured, at the location.

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Twice in recent months, once in February and last week, cars have come off the nearby roundabout and lost control of their car - ploughing them through his and his neighbour's fence - ending up in their front gardens. 

The incidents, plus another which occurred in 2019, have caused roughly £10,000 worth of damage. 

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Mr Thomas said: "This includes having to replace trees, plants, bushes, returning my lawn, replacing fencing and just trying to maintain my garden to the standard I want it to be for mine and my family's enjoyment.

"It's only by the sheer grace of God that these awful accidents have always seemed to happen either late at night or early hours in the morning when no-one is in the garden. It worries me that if it happens during daytime hours that one of my grandchildren, myself or my disabled partner would potentially be harmed."

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In a bid to avoid a "horrific scenario", Mr Thomas, and other local residents, are urging that "immediate action" be taken by Flintshire Council to reduce the speed limit on the approach to the roundabout from the current 40mph down to 20mph.

Residents are also calling for the installation of a speed camera and "appropriate signage" to make drivers aware that it is a residential area.

There is no indication, however, that the latest incident involved a speeding car, North Wales Police has said. 

Mr Thomas added: "The new garage, which includes a Greggs Bakery and a Subway outlet, is encouraging more pedestrian activity as well so we would even welcome some sort of crossing to make access to these outlets safer for everyone."

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Flintshire County Council said: “The existing 40mph speed limit is correct for the classification of road. Motorists have a responsibility to drive in accordance with road conditions and within the specified legal speed limit. 

"It must therefore be noted that instances of excessive speeds at this location are as a result of drivers failing to adhere to the specified 40mph speed limit. The council takes the matter of road safety very seriously and, as with all such instances of speeding, this matter will be referred to North Wales Police for purposes of enforcement action.  

"The council will assess the suitability of a crossing facility and other potential road safety measures which, if applicable, will form part of a successful award of Welsh Government grant funding in the 2022/23 financial year.”

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