HOLLYWOOD has come to North Wales.

And this time it has nothing to do with Ryan Reynolds (as far as we know).

A love story set in a North Wales chicken factory has been filming in the Flint and Mostyn area this week.

The feature film love story Chuck Chuck Baby stars Louise Brealey (Sherlock) and Annabel Scholey (The Split).


The film crew was spotted in Mostyn on Monday and the cast have tweeted about being in Flint.

The Leader: Annabel Scholey

Annabel Scholey

Artemisia Films website describes the film as "a romp".

It says: "Smoke rising from factory chimneys blurs a landscape of washing lines.

"Forgotten communities are the rowdy witnesses of a warm-hearted love story that’s fuelled by music and humour, exuberantly celebrating female working-class voices, friendships and love in all its forms.

"Written and directed by Janis Pugh, former Screen International Star of Tomorrow.

"Starring Louise Brealey and Annabel Scholey. Supported by BFI, BBC and Ffilm Cymru Wales.

"It’s present day in the evocative, industrial landscape of North Wales. Helen (Brealey) is stuck in her life.

"Her world takes an unexpected turn with the return of Joanne (Scholey) after years away. They were the objects of the other’s unspoken teenage passions. For the first time in a long while, Helen starts to feel alive.

"A relationship starts to develop between them, but they lack the courage to commit.

"Eventually they find a way to put their troubled pasts behind them and to allow love in."

North Wales has several poultry farms and two actual chicken factories, the 2 Sisters plants in Sandycroft and Gaerwen.

Meanwhile, North Wales has become a favourite location for filmmakers. 

Also this week, Game of Thrones actor James Cosmo was spotted filming scenes for a new adaptation of The Three Musketeers in Conwy and Gwynedd.