AN ACCLAIMED local drag queen is en route to deliver a truck-full of donations to orphans of the Ukraine war.

Ian Davies, who goes by the stage name Shaggerada, is leading a team of ex-military on a humanitarian mission to the Ukrainian border.

A herculean effort from volunteers has seen a 40ft articulated lorry filled to the brim with essentials which will be handed out to children made orphans by the war in Ukraine.

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Businesses and residents across Flintshire and Wrexham have donated hundreds of items after the appeal was launched just a few weeks ago.

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On Monday (April 4), the team set out on their journey.

They drove from Mold to Harwich, on the south coast of Essex, before getting a ferry to Holland. They will be driving from Holland through Germany into Poland.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of local businesses and organisations.

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Kingspan's Deeside plant donated £1,000 worth of supplies, as well as paying for a generator which cost £1,000. 

Their hotel in Harwich was paid for, and they were given a free ferry ride across to Holland. 

Ian said: "There are just too many people to thank, Paula and the wonderful Counselling Hub and its volunteers, Edge Transport, Flintshire Transport, JPT Fitness, the Isreali medical organisation providing first aid, our drivers and every single person who has donated and helped.

"It's overwhelming and extremely emotional. What a joy to be with such wonderful people." 

They will be visiting an orphanage on Tuesday and heading back on Wednesday. 

Ian added: "There are hundreds of orphans there - we're feeling very apprehensive about seeing the destruction and devastation this awful war has caused. We know we're going to see and hear of some awful things - but we just want to do what we can to help."

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