The second convoy sent to Ukrainian Refugees by the Polish Integration Support Centre (PISC) has now left Chester and is on its way to deliver donations to those who need them.

Shortly after the invasion of Ukraine was reported, Anna Buckley, Project Director of PISC, launched a rapid drive for donations towards refugees and those displaced by the conflict.

An overwhelming number of donations were made to AVOW’s offices within Tŷ AVOW, where PISC is based, and the building was filled in a matter of days.

The Leader: Children as the convoy left ChesterChildren as the convoy left Chester

Shortly after, PISC’s campaign proved so successful that they also filled warehouses including F Lloyd Penley Ltd, Wrexham Industrial Estate, and one barn Woodfarm, Deeside Lane, Chester with donated items.

Thanks to the outstanding effort from volunteers, the first of PISC’s humanitarian convoys - with 30 lorries - was dispatched from Wrexham on Saturday, March 12.

A second humanitarian convoy departed from Chester on Sunday, March 27.

Around 100 people turned up to show support and watched the convoy leave Chester, including Mayor Martyn Delaney.

To date, 46 lorries have been sent in total, with many more to go.

The effort is credited to everyone - from all over the country and beyond - who donated items and money, and gave their time to volunteer.

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Anna Buckley said: “We bring different nationalities (together), after covid. The people now are coming together, they have beautiful chit-chats. We’ve got teenagers, we’ve got elderly people, we have people with challenging pasts, we’ve got people who are psychologists.

“They are laughing, they are smiling; we’ve got people bringing their own cakes so it's a really amazing atmosphere here.”

Anna thanks everyone for their support throughout the campaign, which is still ongoing and still needs volunteers.

The Leader: Anna Buckley and Mayor Cllr Martyn DelaneyAnna Buckley and Mayor Cllr Martyn Delaney

The focus is now on the lorries to continue to transport the donations. Funding is massively important as each lorry will cost PISC around £2,000 - £2,500.

Some of the lorries so far have even traveled into Ukraine to deliver to cities, including Kyiv, though most are going to Poland.


PISC also runs a Polish Saturday School in Pen-y-Cae, and the children are showing their support by creating decorations in yellow and blue. 

Anyone wishing to donate items is encouraged to contact PISC directly on 07523 627826 or

For donations towards transportation costs visit

So far, over £54,000 has been raised. All contributions will be gratefully welcomed.