Our readers had their say on whether dogs should be allowed in all pubs and restaurants.

Some pubs and restaurants are already dog-friendly and many dogs (and their owners) frequent these areas.

But do people agree that all pubs and restaurants should welcome dogs?

A majority of people thought that this was a good idea on the condition that the dogs are well behaved:

Alexandra Reynolds said: “As a dog owner for 30 years I say yes as long as they are well behaved, sometimes it's nice to go on a dog walk and stop at a pub for a drink and food. There could be designated areas so non doggie people or those allergic can be comfortable.”

Karen Currie commented: “Yes, as long as they are well behaved, and have a separate area, due to people having allergies or being uncomfortable around dogs, then everyone is happy”

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Stacey Grace Evans added: “Yes absolutely! There should be an allocated area in pubs for well-behaved dogs. Also a dog section on the menu. The pubs would make some money while creating a great atmosphere. I would love to be able to take my dog with me to those places”

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Nancy Morris said: “Maybe if there was a section kept dog free I think so, providing the dogs are well behaved”

Gemma Martin explained: “Depends on the dog and its person...some dogs just aren’t comfortable in that kind of social setting and I don’t think they should be forced into it and some people just don’t get that and feel anxious little fluffy, who really hates strangers, just needs to go everywhere with them...

“But social dogs with good manners, I have no issue with, most of them are better behaved and cleaner than most folks' kids...”

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Others were completely against the idea of allowing dogs in all pubs and restaurants regardless of behaviour, due to other issues such as allergies.

Sandra Berkshire said: “No! People have severe allergies and fears of dogs and not everybody likes them! What about cats? Rabbits? Other pets?! Keep them home while you have meal and a pint then get home to spoil them. Nothing worse than walking into a pub and smelling wet dog no matter how good the beer is.”

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Steve Davies commented: “Absolutely not. Guide dogs are fine, but what about us people who are allergic to dogs? Or the people who don’t want the smell of dog mess wafting around while there having a meal.”

Anna Wilcock added: “I am a huge dog lover and have one of my own but no I don’t think they should be allowed in all pubs and restaurants. When we choose to become a dog owner we know it comes with having to sacrifice some things. People who have dog allergies or dog phobias don’t choose that so it wouldn’t be fair on those people to never be able to go out for a drink or a meal.”

What do you think?