Live performances are returning to Wrexham’s oldest amateur theatre exactly two years after covid restrictions brought the curtain down on productions.

Grove Park Theatre will kick off its 2022 season with two of Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads” monologues written for BBC Television in the late 1980s from 8th-12th March.

“A Lady Of Letters” was originally performed by Patricia Routledge best known for the sitcom “Keeping Up Appearances” and “A Bed Among The Lentils” starred Maggie Smith who has since become a Dame and Downton Abbey’s dowager.

In “Talking Heads” Grove Park Theatre Chairman Val Stevenson takes on the role of Miss Ruddock, a prolific letter writer who becomes increasingly obsessed with the people she observes beyond her net curtains. And Cheryl Kendrick plays Susan, a vicar’s wife suffocated by the expectations forced on her by her position and her husband’s overzealous parishioners.

Grove Park Theatre has been closed since March 2020 when its production of “Morecambe” ended. Rehearsals for other shows were well underway when the UK lockdown came into force and had to be abandoned. But the easing of restrictions means audiences will be welcomed back once more to the Hill Street venue from 8th March.

Director David Underwood says “Talking Heads was the perfect choice to open our theatre again. As the show has just two actors, we were able to rehearse it safely in our well ventilated rehearsal room while still being socially distanced.

"The challenge was to do something simply and to do it well. I think we have managed both and credit goes to all those involved in the production.

"We are so looking forward to opening our doors again. Having people in our building enjoying live entertainment and being able to tell our stories is what we’ve been waiting two long years to do.”

Performances start at 7:30pm and tickets can be bought via the website