LLANGOLLEN residents have slammed a "nightmare" diversion which will see A483 traffic run through the town. 

As a precautionary measure due to Storm Eunice, the A483 Dee Viaduct will be closed on Friday morning.

Due to the landslip on Newbridge Road, traffic will be diverted via the A5 to Llangollen, before eventually rejoining the expressway at Junction 1 (Ruabon interchange).

Llangollen is already facing traffic disruption, with roadworks on Castle Street town as part of the Llangollen 2020 project.

And residents of the town have voiced frustration over the traffic issues.

June Davies Jone said: "Carnage again, lights on A5 since September (until Easter), roadworks in town centre (until Easter), and this on top.

"Gridlock yet again - totally unacceptable."

Others suggested a different diversion route should be used.

Moira Griffiths said: "It's a nightmare that already impacts the villages of Froncysyllte and Trevor before the heavy traffic gets as far as Llangollen.

"Heavy vehicles would probably be better going through St Martin's and Overton. It would be a more direct route to Wrexham."

Anne Potts said: "It's not just the A483 road closures due to the weather conditions causing traffic problems for locals.

"Within the last two weeks there have been at least four accidents on the A483 causing road closurexs, consequently there has been total carnage in Fron with cars trying to cross the Bont bridge and congestion up to and through Llangollen.

"I live next to the landslide and you can guarantee that tomorrow there will be a steady stream of cars and HGVs still trying to come down Newbridge Road from both Ruabon and Pentre directions that will try and turn around by the Bridge or even using our steep drive despite road closure signs.

"It has been a year of poor communication and misinformation. Seriously fed up now."

Alex Hammond added: "The failure to repair the land slip at Newbridge is a huge contributory factor here and one which seems to have no clear end date as the Welsh Government play delay tactics on funding a repair."

Julie Lloyd said: "It’s going to be carnage with the traffic lights that we have in town at the moment and on A5, it will take a lot longer to get through so a lot of patience needed.

And businesses are being affected by the issue, too. 

Cat Meade said: "The traffic load through Llangollen with A5 lights to and from Fron, and main A5/Castle Street works (three-way lights) is causing pile ups all day long when A483 closed.

"I'm an estate agent who circas 20 miles of Llangollen, having to allow more travel time, less daily appointments due to this - it's very frustrating. 

"The local shops are suffering too as people avoiding Llangollen due to traffic."