A prized set of Grand National tickets are up for auction in support of 'Healing Little Hearts'.

Georgia Struthers, from Wrexham, mother of five-month-old Lincoln, set up a fundraiser called 'Lincoln's camp' as a thank you to the doctor, Dr Ramana Dhannapuneni, who saved her son's life through heart surgery.

The charity, Healing Little Hearts, send medical teams to perform life saving heart operations on children in the developing parts of the world, with Dr Dhannapuneni a big part of that.

The aim is to raise £6,000 which will enable a camp in a developing part of the world to be set up in Lincoln's name.

The camp will allow for children, who could not normally afford it, to have life-saving heart surgery.

£1,000 of their target has already been hit, inside two weeks.

A couple of weeks after the fundraiser was set up, Georgia was contacted by Alan Alger, from Betway, who courtesy of the Betway brand, offered four badge tickets to the Randox Grand National, which will take place this April.

The tickets are valued at £400 and are sold out, meaning they are very sought after. The bid is currently at £400, with the auction likely to come to a close at the end of February.

Georgia said: "I mean we were completely overwhelmed. When I set up the fundraiser we obviously have never been more determined to raise the money but we also realised it was an ambitious target and wasn’t going to happen overnight. To have raised nearly £1,000 and with a couple more payments and auctions to come, we will be well over £1,000 but to have raised that already in just over a week is phenomenal.

"We will keep going until Dr Ram and his team are on that plane to a camp funded by us and Lincoln, in his name to help as many other children they can in the duration of their trip.

"As for Alan offering the grand national tickets, I couldn’t believe it really. Any help is massively welcomed but you never expect people to reach out like that with such generosity and something that could potentially raise a lot of money for our cause. It’s just nice to see how many people have good hearts and want to help."

To find out more about Lincoln's fundraiser and the Grand National tickets, visit https://bit.ly/3g7iSL6