Defibrillators have been installed in five locations across Brymbo, Tanyfron and Bwlchgwyn which make the equipment more accessible to more people.

Funded by the council, the installation of the defibrillators will make potentially lifesaving equipment available to villagers should they ever need it.

They were installed on Thursday, January 27, at key locations across the area.

They are the Clinic, Offa Street, Brymbo; Queens Cross MOT Garage, Brymbo; Bwlchgwyn CP School and Ysgol Tanyfron.

In recognition of the importance of having them at sporting grounds the community council has also provided one at the football pitch Bronwen's Green, which is located outside the changing rooms.

The Leader: A defibrillator installed outside the clinic in BrymboA defibrillator installed outside the clinic in Brymbo

Local councillor Paul Rogers said: "On Thursday I had the privilege of spending the day with the Welsh Ambulance Service whilst they installed five new public access defibrillators around the community."

"They are installed in secure cabinets however can be accessed 24/7 by calling 999. The emergency services will provide the code to release the defibrillators."

"These are funded by Brymbo Community Council, and I would like to thank everyone involved for their support with this initiative."

"The fact is defibrillators save lives and I would encourage everyone to be aware of the difference a defibrillator in a community can make"

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