Wrexham Lager will be sold in Aldi stores across Wales and England, as the brands success continues to grow.

The bottles of Wrexham Export lager and Bootlegger Pilsner will be sold in packs of four, a first for the brand, in 832 Aldi stores across Wales and England.

They made the announcement today (January 28) via Twitter, in a short thread that read: “Wrexham Lager & @bootlegger1974 Pilsner to be sold in 832 @AldiUK stores in Wales & England”

It followed: “And from the 3rd February, ALDI’s only Welsh Lagers will be coming to a store near you soon!”

The lager is the oldest British lager being first produced in 1882 and was popular, having famously been the only lager to be produced on the RMS Titanic, which sank on its maiden voyage in 1912.

The ‘Welsh liquid gold’, unfortunately went into decline and the original brewery was closed in 2000.

However, after ten years a new hi-tech brewery opened in 2011 in the heart of Wrexham, and the brand saw a revival and growing success.

They celebrated their “second” tenth anniversary towards the end of 2021 and are developing the brand with new logos and the production of the Bootlegger Pilsner.

Wrexham Lager recently tweaked the bottles of the Wrexham Export just ahead of the announcement, in a tweet yesterday (January 27) saying “from tomorrow, we can go live with news of how Wrexham Lager will soon become familiar once again throughout the UK!”

Joss Roberts, sales manager at Wrexham Lager said that the deal with Aldi was down to a huge team effort.

The Leader: Joss RobertsJoss Roberts

He said: “We’ve been talking to Aldi and a number of retailers for the last year or so and Covid delayed it but Aldi kept up interest.

“In December they asked if we could get a four-pack ready in time for the Six Nations. We’ve never done four packs here from the brewery before and it was a busy time, but we got the deal through, and we spoke to Aldi and they were happy with everything.

“The four-pack looked great, and we even had to buy a new machine to get this contract through but it’s all been worthwhile and hopefully it puts Wrexham on the map more.

“This is a major breakthrough, probably one of Wrexham Lager's biggest; to be sold in every single Aldi store in England and Wales.

“It's huge exposure and we hope we can gain new custom for it as well. People might not follow us online or know us too much but now they’ll see it on an Aldi shelf and think ‘Oh I’ll give that a go’ so hopefully this is the start of something special and hopefully a few more shops and retailers come knocking on the door.”

Joss explained how pleased everyone at the brewery is at this achievement, and Aldi who have seen the positive reaction to the news online. They believe the exposure will also be good for the town, but they also recognise Bootlegger’s contribution (the internet sensation involved in the creation of the Bootlegger Pilsner).

Joss said: “I’m very grateful for how much Bootlegger is a part of this company. He’s given us massive exposure here when Rob (McElhenney) and Ryan (Reynolds) weren’t here.

“I think this is hard work paying off for him as well and the fact that before Rob and Ryan he was the one putting Wrexham on the map, and now hopefully this is a big breakthrough for the Bootlegger Pilsner as well. For Wrexham lager and Bootlegger Pilsner it works hand in hand we’re very happy with both.

“Thank you to all of our customers, all of our supporter or followers, none of this is possible without them. We know without a doubt they’re the ones that make this happen. They’re the ones picking our bottles off the shelf and as long as they continue doing so, we’re happy and we can continue growing.”