A road closure on the A483 near Ruabon caused chaos for traffic in the surrounding areas this afternoon (January 27).

A road traffic collision between Halton and Ruabon caused the A483 to be closed in both directions, diverting traffic into Cefn Mawr, Froncysyllte and other surrounding villages.

An area is already particularly busy with traffic due to the closure of Newbridge Road.

Local resident, David Metcalfe said:

"The Bont Bridge was first built in the 1600 and is a single lane road bridge built for horse and cart, not the hundreds of motorised vehicles it is now seeing that are causing significant damage to the bridge and road way. There are several sections of Gate Road showing subsidence and the whole of the B5434 is not engineered for the traffic volume it is now being subjected to.

"We as local people that live here object to the continued heavy traffic volumes we have seen, and especially so since the closure of the New Bridge Road following the subsidence of the B5605.

"Our infrastructure is being destroyed by the increased volume of traffic which we are seeing as a result of the Climate Crisis and degraded roads."