A POLICE Inspector spoke of his disgust following the theft of milk and bread from a primary school.

Wrexham Town Inspector Luke Hughes is calling for the public to be on the lookout after the offences, which happened in the early hours over several days last week at St Anne's Catholic primary School in Prince Charles Road.

He said: "There were 88 mini milk bottles and five loaves of bread stolen.

"We would be very interested to hear from anyone who has seen discarded milk bottles or anyone selling them door to door in the last week because they are quite distinctive - you'd only really get them at schools.

"The fact that anyone would steal from young children in this way is horrifying. I am disgusted."

Deputy Head Teacher Clare Stephens said: "Someone has come and taken a pack of 22 milk bottles each morning on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - and they took the bread and three four-pint bottles of milk for the canteen on the Friday.

"It was upsetting, as the milk in particular goes to our vulnerable pupils and children of key workers in breakfast club, as well as our foundation phase pupils who have access to the free milk service.

"The children were very disappointed. Whoever has done this has taken it away from them.

"We didn't have enough milk for our foundation phase, so some pupils had to go without. The children couldn't have their toast at breakfast club on Friday either.

"The school is very grateful to North Wales Police for acting so promptly in trying to help us find out who has done this and why."

Speaking to those responsible, Insp Hughes added: "We'd very much like to have a conversation about why you thought it was appropriate to do this."

Anyone with information can call police on 101 with reference number 22000055798.