WALES' First Minister Mark Drakeford said he was not surprised the UK Prime Minister found himself embroiled in "partygate".

He was asked the question at Friday's Welsh Government coronavirus briefing.

He replied: "No."

“If I’m truthful about it, the Prime Minister is someone who’s been sacked from two previous jobs for not telling the truth,” Mr Drakeford said.

“I think The Times wrote an editorial on the eve of the December 2019 election pointing to the many flaws in the Prime Minister’s record and in many ways, I think what you see is his history catching up with him.”

Mr Drakeford also criticised the decision taken by the UK Government to lift the restrictions in England – accusing them of seeking to distract the public’s attention from Downing Street parties.

“Everything that goes on in Whitehall and Westminster at the moment for the UK Government is seen exclusively through the lens of ‘how does this make a difference to the efforts that are being made to shore up the position of the Prime Minister?’” Mr Drakeford said.

“This is a Government that at the moment is simply not capable of doing the ordinary business of government in a competent and sensible way because it is overwhelmed by the headlines that surround a dreadful events that went on in Downing Street.”