THE future of an out-of-school club is more secure after a nursery announced it would be taking it over.

Mother Goose Day Nursery, in Penley, Wrexham has announced it will be running Madras Primary School's out-of-school club, which had previously faced closure.

With staff member Emma Jones taking over the management, it will help the future of youngsters around the Penley area for the work over summer and when parents are working.

Mother Goose Day Nursery owner, Sarah Love said that after finding out the school club was in danger, it was the right decision to step in.

She said: “It came to our attention earlier this year that the school was struggling to find the right personnel to run its out of school club.

"It was under the threat of closure, which would have created issues for many local families who regularly used the club.

"I run out-of-school clubs in three other schools in Wrexham and Flintshire, so was able to offer advice and assistance.

"As we share such a close connection with the school, we came up with the proposal to run it on their behalf."

Many of those who attend Mother Goose Nursery will go on to attend Madras Primary School.

The Leader: Madras Primary SchoolMadras Primary School

With these close ties, Sarah felt it was worthwhile to take over the running of the club.

"Should families need to use the out of school club, most of the children will know our faces and will feel comfortable in our familiar setting," she said.

"During the school transition phase, we organise regular visits to the school and the teachers come to the nursery to get to know each individual child.

"We also attend sports days and Christmas concerts.

"By the time the children are ready to leave the nursery for school, they have already developed relationships with teachers and know the general setting of the school."

Sarah implemented the new provision alongside Madras Primary School headteacher Katie Macey.

Sarah said: "This is an excellent example of organisations within the public and private sectors collaborating at a highly effective level.

"Together, we can fulfil the needs of local children and working families."

Activities will run throughout the year and children from Madras and other local primary schools have been told they are welcome to attend the club.