LIQUIDATORS of the company which was running events at the William Aston Hall have warned people may not got their money back on cancelled events.

Hugh Jesseman, of Antony Batty & Co LLP was appointed, liquidator of VMS Wrexham by its members and creditors in November - an appointment made because of the company’s insolvency.

The company provided services including promoting events at the William Aston Hall, Wrexham Glyndwr University, and received payments from customers for certain events on behalf of the agencies issuing tickets, and the venues and artists as appropriate.

Events cancelled there include the Charlatans, Rhod Gibert, Jason Manford and Katherine Ryan - some of which were moved to different venues.

Antony Batty & Co LLP said: "As previously stated, the company is insolvent and by definition cannot meet its liabilities in full, to potentially include any refunds which might be due to ticketholders.

"Part of the role of the liquidator is to investigate the conduct of the company prior to liquidation, and to identify/recover assets which might be available to enable a distribution to creditors of the company, including ticketholders as appropriate, after the costs of the liquidation.

"The liquidator is currently reviewing all the available accounting records and financial information to assist in this investigation process.

"However, based on the information currently available, there will be insufficient funds in the liquidation to enable any payment to unsecured creditors, which will include all ticketholders."

The liquidator said where an event is cancelled, ticketholders should approach the ticket issuer in the first instance to establish whether a refund would be available under the relevant terms and conditions.

Where an event is cancelled and the ticket issuer is not providing a refund, ticketholders who have paid by credit or debit card for events which have been cancelled may seek refunds from their card issuer. Whether or not the issuer will be able to provide a refund will depend on the terms of the card agreement.

If you wish to formally submit a claim in the liquidation, please contact this office for a proof of debt form for completion, by email to As stated above, however, there is no prospect of any dividend payment to unsecured creditors, on current information.

Councillor Marc Jones, local councillor for the university area, said: "I'm aware many people have had refunds from ticketing agencies or via their credit cards. But I suspect many others are still waiting for refunds for cancelled events.

"If they don't have the options above, I would urge them to keep in touch with the administrators to see whether there will be any recoverable assets.

"It's important that the venue, which is hugely important to the area's cultural offer, is able to operate again as it is large enough to attract top names. I hope we can get back to hosting top-level names in music and comedy but firstly we need to ensure people's confidence is restored."