While many youngsters are entertained by their phones these days, it used to be a much bigger screen that was enjoyed.

This collection of photos are children and staff at Wrexham Odeon Children's Club, 1967.

Sharing one of the images to our Local Bygones and Leader Live Facebook groups, a few readers were transported back...

Christine Baker: "Used to get a card on your birthday with free entrance ticket. It was the only time I could go upstairs as it cost 9d upstairs but only 6d downstairs."

Susan Hughes: "Loved going there on a Saturday morning."

Mike Jones: "Happy times at the Wrexham Odeon on Saturday mornings. Two national anthems, cartoons and a feature film and all for 6d."

Jeff Mort: "It was a great cinema. Really loved the place."

Lost cinemas: Empire Picture House and Odeon

Gill Ellis: "I used to sing on the Odeon stage every Saturday morning. Our favourite song was 'you've got one finger one thumb keep moving' I used to take 1 side and my friend Linda the other side, it was a competition, very funny."

Barry Julie Bradford: "Saturday club in Odeon then visit the joke shop next door, buy a few stink bombs and a packet of joke cigarettes for the way home."

Yanto Jim Jones: "Great place the Odeon, we would pay 9p upstairs buy some ice cream and flick some of it down stairs. What fun we had back then after the pictures, go to chippy on Pen y Bryn."

Bryan Pritchard: "Used to collect silver paper and milk bottle tops, the projectionist saved them for a charity. He used to give Odeon badges in return."

Mairona Hand: "Happy days, great cinema."

Paul Belton: "Looked forward to Saturday mornings. Great memories."

Dorice Griffiths: "I used to love the Saturday morning club at the Odeon."