A nine-year-old from Flintshire is celebrating gaining a GCSE, seven years before he is set to take them.

Leonardo Del Rosso, from Mostyn, gained a C grade in an intermediate maths exam, which is normally taken by students aged 15 or 16 in secondary school.

A 'usual' nine-year old as described by his mum, Emma, Leonardo likes Minecraft, playing video games and watching Youtubers, but also has a fascinating talent.

Leonardo's first love was science and after realising that he was unable to do a science GCSE due to there being a practical side to the exam, he switched his focus to maths before sitting the exam in November.

Mrs Del Rosso spoke of her pride for Leonardo's achievements, she said:"Leonardo is an amazing, unique, fun loving boy. It was apparent from a early age that he was gifted; at a few months old he was counting and his love for maths and science has only increased.

"Kids have all sorts of different hobbies and interests, for some it's sport and football, but for Leonardo it is about stimulating his mind, learning new things.

"During the summer holidays last year he set himself the challenge to learn GCSE Maths. He starting revising in July and it quickly became obvious that we, his parents could not help him so we got him a tutor.

"Leonardo wants an A* but there's more to answering the paper than writing the answer, he needs to show his workings out and get used to the exam settings so as a mock he entered the intermediate paper in Nov, we are all so proud that he passed. He however still is eager for that A* and has already started revising for the higher paper."

Leonardo's tutor, Jade Ashbrook said: “When Leonardo‘s mum first contacted me about maths tutition for GCSE, I was expecting a 16-year-old student. It was only after exchanging a few messages, that she told me he was nine!

"I wasn’t sure what to expect, but within 10 minutes of meeting him, I knew he was a very gifted young man.

“I really am so proud of everything he has achieved to date and I know that Leonardo will be a name to look out for in the future, as he has a mind that will make a difference to the world of mathematics and science.”