Despite everything, the people that have suffered the most as a result of the landslip are the residents in the surrounding communities.

Having no link road between villages and towns makes life extremely difficult for people. For those that can drive, the diverted route adds 10 minutes to a journey (plus the additional fuel costs) and for those without cars, the bus service has gone out of the window, leaving residents unable to get about.

With mixed messages from council and governments, rejected applications and no updates as to when work will begin, it is fair to say that the residents of Cefn Mawr, Newbridge, Pentre and other surrounding villages are fed up.

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Rowena Brown, of Cefn Mawr, has been on a mission to find answers, getting in touch with a number of politicians and councillors to see if there are any updates for her community, though to no avail.

She said: "It has indeed caused many difficulties and problems for a huge amount of people living, working and going to school in and around this area over the past year, and sadly there seems to be no short term resolve to the problem or any encouragement from those overseeing it.

"For the past year there has been no convenient bus service for the residents of Pentre, Newbridge and those living in the viaduct end of Cefn Mawr. For those who have cars, the extra mileage involved due to the landslide has been really difficult, but for those young and old who rely upon buses for school, work, Dr’s and hospital appointments and shopping, it’s been a total unreasonable abandonment!

"We have no confirmed date of repair to this road before 2023, by then will we be told that ‘they’ see no need to repair or even re-open this road? We pay our taxes as much as anyone else and the government do have a responsibility to supply our needs."

Froncysyllte resident, Rowena Poyntz-Wright, lives on Gate Road and has had trouble with diverted traffic near her house.

She said: "The traffic increase during the last year gas been huge, it was always a quiet road but now there is always traffic up and down. The road isn’t made for this amount, the side of the road by the Argoed Farm bend is already eroding and I’m worried about subsidence there too."

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Dave Evans, of Newbridge, said: "The commute to Pentre CP school is now via Cefn, Trevor and Fron. The traffic build-up on this route is very heavy with an accident waiting to happen. Not to mention the impact on the environment with the extra de-tour fumes/pollution."

Paul Brown said: "If this road had been in South Wales, we would be talking about the opening date by now. Very inconvenient and expensive, it could be the breaking point for people and business when viewed in relation to the cost of living crisis we are experiencing."