Politicians and councillors across the region give their views on the handling and impact Newbridge Road has had on the community.

While the responsibility of putting measures in place falls to Wrexham Council and Welsh Government, councillors and politicians have been inundated with messages from frustrated residents regarding the lack of progress and the time it has taken for any sort of news to be released.

Simon Baynes, MP for Clwyd South, visited the landslide prior to the £175,000 funding announcement, after which he said: “I recently had the opportunity to visit the landslip on Newbridge Road, where I was able to see first-hand the damage that has been caused on the road and where we called on the Welsh Government to urgently conduct essential repairs.

"It is astonishing that the Welsh Government has taken so long - almost a year - to react and there can be no further delays on their part in making sure these repairs are done as fast as possible."

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Member of the Senedd for Clwyd South, Ken Skates, acknowledged the delay in progress is far from ideal, but hoped that work will soon be underway.

He said: “I think we are all frustrated that progress on this hasn’t been quicker, but all public bodies need to go through the same process when public money is being spent – it isn't given out for projects of this magnitude without due diligence being carried out.

“I look forward to Wrexham Council submitting a successful funding application as soon as possible, and I hope work can then get under way as a matter of urgency.”

Mr Skates recently visited the site with Cefn Councillor, Derek Wright who felt his residents have been the ones to pay the price for the lack of urgency.

He said: "Although this is a B-road, it is a vital link between our communities and some people have been without a bus service for nearly a year. It’s the council’s responsibility to carry out the repairs, but obviously for something on this scale they need help.

“All Ken can do is try to make sure the Welsh Government knows exactly how important this is for the people of our area. We have done all we can to get things moving on this."

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Mark Isherwood MS spoke of his disappointments in the way the situation has been handled, saying: “Almost a year after this landslide, it remains more than disappointing Wrexham County Borough Council's initial bid for funding under the Welsh Government’s flood alleviation grant scheme was unsuccessful, despite funding being provided for other projects across Wales."