In January 2021, in the midst of Storm Christoph, part of Newbridge Road collapsed in a landslide. A year on, it gives a somewhat 'ghost road' impression.

Situated in-between Newbridge and Cefn Mawr, the B5605 plays a huge role in connecting the surrounding communities and villages, something that has been put on hold since January 21, 2021.

Due to serious flooding across Wrexham during the storm, the pavement adjacent to the road, collapsed with an emergency road block put in place immediately, one that remains there to this day.

The Leader:

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There have been dates set for work to be completed, before setbacks have delayed the progress, meaning residents and businesses have been severely impacted.

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With £175,000 from the Welsh Government spent on ‘ground investigation and detailed design of remedial works’, Wrexham Council are awaiting the results of a report that is due early next month before the next step can be decided.

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Councillor David A Bithell, deputy leader of the council and lead member for environment and transport said: "We met with the council’s contractors who are carrying out geotechnical surveys and they are preparing options to the council. Clearly these options will need to be considered and we will be submitting a business case to Welsh Government for their consideration.

"I have visited Newbridge several times and I am very familiar with the area and we (council) do understand the significant impact this is causing for local people and residents and businesses. We are hopeful that working with Welsh Government means we will have some solutions in the near future."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “We have provided funding this financial year for ground investigation and detailed design works. These works will inform a future application by the council for funding for construction of the works required."

There is no date set for work to begin, leaving residents and businesses in limbo as to when the road will be fixed and normal service can resume.

This Leader report aims to find out the views of those affected the most.