Concerns have been raised about the rise in e-scooters seen around the Caia Park area after Christmas.

Currently under UK law, the scooters are classed as 'power transporters' and so have to follow the same rule as cars and motorbikes, meaning that they cannot be used on pavements and to use them on the road you must have a full driving licence.

These rules however only apply to the rental e-scooters which are part of the 'Future Transport Zone' trials in town and cities. These trails have not yet started in North Wales but have in England.

It is currently illegal to ride any privately owned e-scooters outside of private land, meaning the only way to ride one legally on the road at the moment would be to use a rental in England.

It is however legal to buy and sell e-scooters. The rental scooters can reach speeds of up to 15.5mph however some of the privately bought ones may be able to go much faster.

PC Kerry Evans spoke with members of the Caia Park Community Council, who raised the issue, and said: "It's a lack of education, I think people make out that they don't really know what they're supposed to be doing.

"That comes down to us really to do an education point of view regarding the legislation of these e-scooters because they are basically a car and if you haven't got a drivers licence and you're not on the road you shouldn't be anywhere else with it."

PC Evans said she has already seized one e-scooter in the Caia Park area and may look further into seizing more in the future.

There were also ideas of doing an e-scooter awareness scheme alongside a bike marking scheme where they could hand out the leaflets about the legislation and put some posters up.

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