North Wales Police (NWP) have confirmed they have received a number of reports of abandoned vehicles in Wrexham.

In a post on their community alert page, NWP announced they had had a number of calls regarding abandoned and unwanted vehicles and offered residents advice to best go about dealing with them.

Police confirmed that Wrexham Council can deal with any abandoned vehicles in the area, they said:"The Authority can deal with any abandoned vehicle that is in the open air. If a vehicle is parked on private land then permission is needed from the landowner prior to removal.

"If a vehicle is causing an obstruction on the highway or is thought to be stolen or involved in crime please report it to the Police.

"An abandoned vehicle is one that it's owner has left without any intention to return for it. A vehicle should not be reported as abandoned just because it is untaxed, taking up a parking space or in poor condition and is felt to be detrimental to the area."

You can contact the Environment Department to report an abandoned vehicle - you can do this by completing an online abandoned vehicle reporting form, or by calling 01978 298989 , or by email: You will be asked to supply the following details:

Callers Name, Address, Postcode and Telephone Number;

Vehicle Registration Number, Make, Model and Colour;

Vehicle Licence expiry date;

Vehicle location;

Condition of vehicle;

Reason why vehicle is believed to be abandoned/length of time it has been there.

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