POLICE say they are satisified that a young boy seen out alone in Flint and Oakenholt is no longer on the streets.

A major search by air and on the ground was launched after the child was seen walking wearing only pyjamas and a Batman dressing gown.

He was last seen near the Spar store in Flint.

Later, police issued an update saying they had not received any reports of a missing child.

The Leader:

After the search, they said they were satisfied the child was no longer on the streets.

Chief Inspector Andrew Griffiths said: "I would like to thank the community of Oakenholt and Flint for their assistance in this matter.

"I would like to stress that at no time have we received a report of any missing child.

"As a result of the initial report of an unaccompanied child we have conducted extensive and coordinated air and ground searches.

"These searches have not received any sightings or information.

"As we have not had any reports of a missing child I am satisfied at this time that the unidentified child is no longer on the streets.

"If anyone has any further information please call 101 quoting B003961."