WREXHAM'S Member of Parliament has praised a North Wales Police project which will help enhance night-time safety for communities in the area.

Launched by NWP, 'StreetSafe' is a pilot service for anyone to anonymously tell the force about public places where they have felt or feel unsafe, because of environmental issues.

Examples if this could be street lighting, abandoned buildings or vandalism and/or because of some behaviours such as being followed or verbally abused.

Commenting on the project, Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton said: "I welcome the news that the 'Safer Streets' project in Wrexham is well underway, following the UK Government's awarding of £339,000 to North Wales Police for the project.

"The 'Safer Streets' Fund is a UK Government initiative that seeks to tackle crime and the most recent round of funding had a specific focus on tackling violence and crime against women and girls.

"In Wrexham, the funding is going towards enhancing night-time safety for communities and residents and will see new cameras and street lighting installed across town, the opening of the Hafan y Dref Welfare Centre for Friday and Saturday nights and increased police patrols and presence at night-time.

"The Police in Wrexham are also supporting a pilot service - StreetSafe - which will allow the public to anonymously report areas where they feel unsafe. This reporting will then feed into Police patrols. One of the main takeaway points from my recent roundtable on crime and antisocial behaviour was that many instances of antisocial behaviour go un-reported, meaning the Police are not necessarily aware of issues across the community. As such, it is really important that residents report any instances of antisocial behaviour to the Police."

Find out more about the new StreetSafe at: www.police.uk/pu/notices/streetsafe/street-safe/