ALYN and Deeside's Member of the Senedd (MS) has joined cross-party calls to end ear cropping and tail docking of dogs in the UK.

Jack Sargeant MS is backing calls made for the cruel practices to be stamped out.

Mr Sargeant has signed a statement of opinion submitted by Natasha Asghar MS to the Senedd calling for Welsh Government to ‘redouble its efforts to stamp out the illegal and cruel mutilation of dogs in Wales.’

The RSPCA has reported a 621% rise in reports of dog cropping over the last five years, despite the brutal practice being illegal in the UK since 2006 unless carried out for medical reasons.

Ear cropping is supposedly carried out for aesthetic reasons to make a dog appear more intimidating but in reality can severely impact a dog’s ability to both hear and communicate.

Jack Sargeant MS said: “As a dog lover myself I am appalled that these barbaric and illegal practices are on the rise. I am always willing to work cross-party in the Senedd to bring about changes for the better and ending animal cruelty is just one example of that. I’d like to thank Natasha for bringing this important issue forward.

"It is appalling that dogs are being put through painful and totally unnecessary procedures to achieve a certain look and I strongly believe all those involved should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law."