Plans to redevelop a Flintshire secondary school at an estimated cost of £31m have been recommended for approval.

Flintshire Council wants to create a combined primary and secondary school campus to accommodate around 1,300 pupils at the Argoed High School site in Mynydd Isa, near Mold.

Proposals submitted by the local authority in September show the existing buildings would be demolished to allow Ysgol Mynydd Isa primary school to relocate to the site.

Collectively known as the Mynydd Isa Campus, both schools would be based under the same roof with some shared facilities, although they would be run separately.

Heritage campaigners previously lost a bid to save the Argoed school buildings, which were constructed between 1977 and 1981, after Cadw decided they were not worthy of listing.

The council's chief planning officer has now advised councillors to grant permission for the scheme, which is said to be required because of the deteriorating state of the buildings.

A total of ten letters of objection have been received from neighbours concerned about the impact on parking and road safety.

In a report, Andrew Farrow said: “The proposed development is for the redevelopment of an existing high school site to provide a new primary and a new high school in a co-located building.

“It is considered that the redevelopment of the existing high school campus for new educational facilities is acceptable and complies with the relevant policies.

“Despite the increased school capacity represented by this proposal, from a highways perspective the operation of the secondary school will be largely unchanged by the proposed re-development.

“It is acknowledged that there is currently disruption at the beginning and end of the school day due to drop off and pick-ups, however it is considered that the increased drop off/pick up facility will help reduce this.

“The proposal represents a high quality, modern and well considered redevelopment of the site that will greatly improve the educational facilities in the locality.”

The new primary school would be built to accommodate 600 children, along with a nursery and specialist speech and language facility.

Meanwhile, the high school would house a further 700 pupils, also providing for youngsters with speech and language needs and Asperger's syndrome.

A staff car park, parent drop-off area and sports pitches are also included in the plans.

Nearby residents claimed the sports facilities could result in issues with noise and light pollution and anti-social behaviour but Mr Farrow said steps would be taken to prevent problems.

He said: “The illumination is provided by floodlights that are positioned in accordance with best practice and will not unacceptably illuminate any neighbouring property.

“In the noise impact assessment it is demonstrated that in order to mitigate against possible noise impacts it will be necessary to utilise mitigation in the form of a mesh fence and solid noise barrier.

“Public protection have not raised any objections with regard to issues of noise or light pollution.”

He added there would be "no significant or unacceptable increase in crime" as a result of the plans.

The proposals are being funded through the Welsh Government's Mutual Investment Model, which sees private firms contracted to build and maintain public assets.

Cardiff-based developers Wepco Limited have been named as the firm involved with the project.

The application will be discussed at a meeting of the council's planning committee on Wednesday (January 12, 2022).