A FLINTSHIRE resident believes CCTV cameras should be be installed at her local cemetery after damage has been caused at the site recently.

Pam Jones, who lives in Flint, claims that headstones and ornaments have been targeted by vandals at the Cornist Cemetery on Old London Road.

The 76-year-old told The Leader that ornaments had been taken off graves and smashed.

She added that it is 'heart-breaking' to see the cemetery, where some of her relatives are buried, being mistreated.

Pam said: "We could really do with some cameras up there, it's upsetting to see the damage being done to graves and ornaments.

"It has got to the point where people don't want to buy expensive or nice items to place on graves as they know they will just end up being broken. It's so sad.

"Pieces of ornaments are being scattered everywhere, whoever is doing it just has no respect at all. It's quite frightening.

"I'm born and bred here in Flint. We used to have such a good little community here, but right now it's heading in a different direction when things like this keep happening.

"I would love the council to do something about it and I do think that cameras would be a perfect solution."

Others have taken to social media to voice concerns over the past few months with flower pots among items to have been stolen from graves at the cemetery.

However, Flintshire County Council say they are 'not aware' of any vandalism having taken place at the cemetery.

A spokesperson for FCC said: "Flintshire County Council is not aware of any damage to graves and ornaments at our cemeteries caused by vandalism, however, we will liaise with community safety officers and the police to deal with any local issues identified.

"We do experience damage from time to time caused as a result of natural events such as adverse weather or wildlife knocking ornaments over or digging the ground."

North Wales Police say they have also received no reports of incidents from the cemetery area.