WREXHAM residents have been issued a polite reminder to stop blocking pavements with their vehicles.

North Wales Police say they have received a 'number of complaints' regarding this issue in the Overton area recently.

Officers say tickets will be enforced for those who do not comply with this reminder.

A statement from NWP on the matter read: "I have received a number of complaints about vehicles parking and blocking pavements in the Overton area.

"Please can I ask residents to stop doing this. NWP and Wrexham council enforcement officers are now aware and tickets will follow if it continues."

In most places in Wales, pavement parking bans are enforced by the local council.

When you park on the pavement, you’re blocking part of the footway.

As a result, pedestrians may have no choice but to walk round your car via the road – putting themselves at risk.

If you are caught parking on the pavement by the police, you could be charged with “unnecessary obstruction of any part of the highway”.

Anyone wishing to report an incident to the police can do so via 101.