Parents at a school in Wrexham were left 'disgusted' after their child was refused entry for not wearing a face mask, despite being exempt.

Helen and Jason Owen, parents of a pupil at St. Joseph's Catholic and Anglican High School in Wrexham, couldn't believe it as there son was son was sent packing from school on Friday morning.

Their son, who has a disability and requires additional needs is exempt from wearing a face mask in line with the Government guidelines, was told that without one, he wasn't getting in.

Police were called to diffuse the situation.

Helen said: "My husband went down this morning because I had a run in with the school yesterday because they kept our son with additional needs sat by an open front door because he's exempt from wearing a face mask.

"There were children trying to get into the building but because they're exempt the school were saying they're not allowed in without face masks.

"My son is doing mock GCSE's which he will now be missing because they won't allow him into the school."

Jason added: "My son, as well as other pupils in the school have disabilities and they are exempt from wearing masks.

"We've now found out that every child that doesn't wear a face mask in the school has been excluded. The school has discriminated against children with disabilities and victimised children that don't wear masks.

"I've gone down this morning and said I wanted to see someone about my son and what they've said. There were another six or seven parents waiting to do the same thing.

"I was there at 8.30am and no one spoke to me. At 9.15am someone came and said no one is going to see you, if you want to speak to someone make an appointment. They slammed the door, put the shutters down on reception and five minutes later the police turned up."

Nicola Ellis, Acting Headteacher at St. Joseph's, said, “The wearing of face masks is a requirement in all secondary schools in Wales and we have to carry out risk assessments and put in place appropriate safety measures to ensure all our pupils and staff remain safe whilst in school.

“We have therefore asked parents whose children are medically exempt from mask wearing under the regulations to get in touch with us to discuss their child’s attendance and how we can ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

“We have now met with Mr Owen and have reached a safe and successful solution to ensure his son can continue his education safely.”