WREXHAM'S Hightown Barracks is to be the home of a new Reserve company of The Royal Welsh as part of a £320m investment in Wales - predicted to generate £1bn in prosperity.

In a statement on Tuesday, Secretary of State for Defence, Ben Wallace MP announced that Hightown Barracks would receive a new Reserve company of the 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh.


Hightown Barracks..

Hightown Barracks..


Mr Wallace said the number of soldiers in Wales is set to increase with the return of the ‘Welsh Cavalry Queen’s Dragoon Guards, and a new Reserve company of The Royal Welsh established in North Wales.

He told the Commons: "The retention of Brecon barracks and the growth of Wrexham are just part of a 320 million pound investment in the army estate in Wales."


The changes are part of ‘Future Soldier’ - The British Army's most radical transformation programme in more than 20 years.

Mr Wallace added: “Future Soldier is reinforced by the ambition outlined in the Defence Command Paper to transform the Army into a more agile, integrated, lethal, expeditionary force.

“We have underpinned this generational work with an extra £8.6bn for Army equipment, bringing the total investment to £41.3bn.

“Our Army will operate across the globe, equipped with the capabilities to face down a myriad of threats from cyber warfare through to battlefield conflict.”


Sarah Atherton MP

Sarah Atherton MP


Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton said the news was "a win for Wrexham" that would see a barracks once destined to become a housing estate continue to prosper.

In response to the announcement, Ms Atherton said: “This is a ‘win’ for Wrexham, and for Wales.

"The Reserve unit and funding is the next step in the regeneration of Hightown Barracks. Wrexham has a proud military history, which brings our community together so I look forward to seeing the positive impact that this announcement will have on our town.

“This announcement is also a vote of confidence in Wales, proving our significance to the UK’s Armed Forces. As a passionate champion of our Armed Forces, and a veteran myself, I am thrilled by this announcement for Wrexham and the recent news that Wales will finally get a Veterans Commissioner, funded by the UK Government.”

The announcement follows Ms Atherton’s question to the Secretary of State for Defence, in which she asked Mr Wallace if he would visit Hightown to “thank Colonel Nick Lock and his team” for their work regenerating the site.

Ms Atherton added that Hightown Barracks, once “destined to be a housing estate” now “contains the Defence Mental Health Clinic, a reserve field detachment, cadets, a preparation college, support for transport and an inspiring anti-tank company”.

In response, the Defence Secretary said that he would be “delighted” to visit.