MOTORISTS and residents have had their say after the Welsh Government confirmed that sections of the newly resurfaced A483 road will have to be corrected in 2022.

Motorists and residents have been left fuming by the resurfacing work being carried out throughout November on the A483 between Junction 6 Gresford and 7 Rossett.

The work was extended for two weeks - but after complaints that the new surface was worse than before - the Welsh Government dropped the bombshell that the work would have to be corrected in spring.


Works on A483 in Wrexham. Image: Traffic Wales

Works on A483 in Wrexham. Image: Traffic Wales


It left people frustrated at the prospect of more delays and disruption.

Wrexham's MP Sarah Atherton has been sharing concerns about the road.

She said: “From concerns about noise, air pollution and speed limitations, the A483 has been problematic for residents in Wrexham. The Welsh Government’s clear lack of oversight continues with the news that the road will have to be resurfaced again, continuing this sorry saga. Since the roadworks along the A483 began, I have been inundated with correspondence about the chaos caused, from speeding cars in Marford to access issues for emergency vehicles and this news will only extend the problems residents are facing.

“I have already written to the responsible Welsh Government Minister, Lee Waters MS, about this and was offered a meeting. However, the Minister has not yet followed through on his offer but I will keep pushing the Welsh Government to make sure residents’ concerns are recognised and acted upon.”


Works on A483 in Wrexham. Image: Traffic Wales

Works on A483 in Wrexham. Image: Traffic Wales


It was complaints from the public that led to the Welsh Government to carry out out an inspection which found defects that will have to be put right in 2022.

A spokesperson said: “Further tests were undertaken on the A483 northbound carriageway on Thursday night between Gresford and Rossett that identified defects within some sections of the surfacing and we will work with the contractor to rectify these issues.

“Corrective resurfacing is likely to go ahead in the springtime when temperatures are higher to ensure that it can be laid to specification.

“In the meantime, measures will be in place to ensure motorists can travel on this section of the road safely.

“Work to replace concrete slabs on the southbound carriageway is expected to be complete by Saturday, December 4 2021.

“The workforce has been increased significantly to cope with this additional workload and 24 hour working remains in place.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and thank the public for their continued patience as we complete these works.”


Resurfacing work extended on A483 in Wrexham between Gresford and Rossett.

Resurfacing work extended on A483 in Wrexham between Gresford and Rossett.


What you said after the Leader broke the news on Tuesday:

  • Emma Jones: "How can this be acceptable? I hope someone/a team is being made accountable for causing such horrific disruption to the area making 20 minute journeys take up to an hour or more. Public were told works would be completed by Nov 11th then delayed to 25th and now 4th Dec!? How can they take double the time expected? And go on to moan the temperature will be more suited in spring when we’ve just had the driest, mildest autumn. Why not do it in spring in the first place? Excuse, excuses. Absolute joke and disgrace.
  • Michael Wilde: "So why if it’s not warm enough are they continuing to resurface the rest of the carriageway?"
  • Glyn Chaplin: "Why was the work carried out now if the weather is too cold and why has that contractor not been removed from the road immediately?"
  • Tom Percival: "More traffic nightmare in spring absolute shambles."
  • Steve Boswell: "You buy cheap, you pay twice."
  • Pete Roberts: "So if that's the case why did they start working on it in the first place if they knew it was gonna be too cold you bunch of utter Muppets."
  • Kevin Morris: "Bring back the Romans because they knew how to lay a road!"