SEVERAL members of a Flintshire martial arts club recently celebrated earning their black belts.

Jiu Jitsu students of all ages have achieved the grading in Buckley.

Sensei Gill Badrock said: "Congratulations to all of them, we are proud to announce our recent Black Belt gradings.

"All of our Students have shown courage and determination and displayed knowledge and skill in their art. Each in turn put themselves through the emotional roller coaster of what would be a memorable occasion.

"Today's achievements have been the result of several years of hard work and commitment. Well deserved, congratulations to you all. Thank you to everyone for your support too."

Among those who achieved the black belt grading were; Mat Hughes, James Winkworth, Richard Griffiths, Andrew Watkins, Freya Watkins, Freja Marsland, and Ben Watkins.

If you would like to become a member of Buckley Jiu Jitsu club, call 077517 69279.