A NEWLY resurfaced stretch of the A483 in Wrexham will be resurfaced again in the spring after motorists claimed driving on it was like being on a fairground ride.

The Welsh Government's Trunk Agency has been responsible for work on the A483 between Junction 6 Gresford and 7 Rossett over the last few weeks.

But motorists and residents complained that one stretch of the road was uneven - making it uncomfortable to drive on.

As a result, the Welsh Government carried out an inspection which found defects that will have to be resurfaced again in 2022.

A spokesperson said: “Further tests were undertaken on the A483 northbound carriageway on Thursday night between Gresford and Rossett that identified defects within some sections of the surfacing and we will work with the contractor to rectify these issues.

“Corrective resurfacing is likely to go ahead in the springtime when temperatures are higher to ensure that it can be laid to specification.

“In the meantime, measures will be in place to ensure motorists can travel on this section of the road safely.

“Work to replace concrete slabs on the southbound carriageway is expected to be complete by Saturday, December 4 2021.

“The workforce has been increased significantly to cope with this additional workload and 24 hour working remains in place.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and thank the public for their continued patience as we complete these works.”

It was on Thursday that the Welsh Government carried out the "quality checks" on a stretch of road that had come underfire from motorists.

The work, which has been ongoing since mid October, has been slammed by commuters, residents and motorists.

It has caused considerable traffic disruption - and peope have taken to the A483 group on social media to complain that a section of the road that has now been resurfaced is not fit for purpose.

Prior to the inspection, one person said: "We travelled along it today and couldn't believe how bad it was. We felt sea sick it was that bumpy and uneven.

Other people have described the state of the newly resurfaced stretch as "appalling", a "disgrace" and "worse than it was before".

Another comment said: "I think it will have to be relayed, no way can they leave it like that."

One motorist compared the section to a fairground ride, while another joked: "To all the none believers…My daughters new braces have just been shaken from her mouth!"

And another added: "When it was raining last night you could see the uneven strips that make the road so bumpy. It really isn't pleasant to drive on in a car with sporty suspension."