The Flint and District Lions Club are once again appealing for more men get involved with their Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign.

In mid-October, Flint and District Lions Club announced the re-commencement of their Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign. This now involves a home-test kit as opposed to a phlebotomist-led clinic. Despite a very promising start, the campaign has now, unexpectedly, stalled.

Club President, Terry Withington thanks The Leader for the coverage that boosted the campaign. This led to about 40 applications being lodged before the November 1st start-date. During the first full week, another 60 applications were received.

He confirmed that: "Of that first 100 samples analysed, four patients have been urged by the Graham Fulford Charity Trust (who process the readings) to seek urgent further advice from their General Practitioners. This confirms the club's fear that its inability to hold clinics during Covid restrictions may have led to patients developing symptoms that now need to be urgently addressed.

The club has put funds aside for 250 tests during the month of November. He urges others to take advantage of the facility and said that: "It could save your life."

He also hopes that any wives or partners who become aware of the campaign will encourage their menfolk to take this painless test.

Before the Pandemic, the club held annual clinics each of which were attended by approximately 300 men and it is believed that these blood test readings may have saved up to forty lives.

As previously advised, all applications must be made online to to obtain the discount, so that the £24.99 fee is replaced by a free test, enter the code FLINT100.

The offer is open to men aged over 45 who must live in the postcode areas CH5, CH6, CH7 or CH8