North Wales Police have made another appeal regarding the recent disorder at the Wrexham vs Torquay match.

Dave Evans, the dedicated footballer officer for North Wales police, released a video where he discussed his role at the club and appealed for further information about offenders at the game.

Superintendent Evans, who works in partnership with the club to minimize crime and anti social behaviour at football matches said:

"So I'm going to be here at home and away matches and I'm keen for all football fans to know who I am, to come and talk to me and give me information.

"Most of you will be aware of the incidents that happened at the recent Torquay match, this was supposed to be a great day for the club the new owners were present.

"There was a real carnival atmosphere inside the stadium but unfortunately we had a few issues inside the stadium with a very small minority of our fans.

"This is currently under investigation by North Wales Police and we are really grateful for those people who have rung in and identified some of those offenders.

"However i would ask that you please have another look at the photos that we are going to be reissuing we are wanting to identify one outstanding offender and were really keen for you to be looking at those photos and give us a name we really want to get those people out of the football club they're not really welcome here.

"So were working very closely with the club that starts from me being in here knowing who everybody is they all know who I am there's a lot of information sharing that goes on so information that sometimes people don't want to pass to the police they will pass to the club this can be actioned by yourselves

"We're working to get anybody who misbehaves inside the stadium or in and around the stadium at home or away games banned from the club and the club are taking really firm action by issuing their own club bans and this stops people from entering the ground and also from using the away travel. "This is all about being here, enjoying yourself and being able to do it in a safe and welcoming environment."

Wrexham already issued banning orders to 12 individuals following the game.

If you have any information call 101 or visit the North Wales Police website