A NEW police football team has been formed in Wrexham.

Not content with just chasing down criminals on foot, police officers based in Wrexham will now also be chasing the ball up and down the pitch as they play against local community groups and clubs.

The newly-created side hope that these matches will help to build cohesion between officers and the communities in which they serve.

Matches will be played outside of the officers’ duty periods and, with support from the FAW, the team aim to play their first match at Colliers Park in the coming weeks.

Sergeant Dave Smith of the Wrexham Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Football is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, ability or disability. We want to use the power of football to help create a stronger cohesion between the police and the community that we serve”.

On Friday, November 19, officers were presented with their bespoke shirts by kit manufacturer Macron. Funded by the Police and Communities Together (PACT) team, the bold blue and yellow strip is emblazoned with the North Wales Police Crest, PACT logo, Wrexham Town Police Logo and North Wales Community Alerts.

PCSO Tim Edwards, who designed the shirts, was present for the kit’s unveiling and was impressed with the end product.

He said: “As a bit of a football shirt aficionado I was delighted to be tasked by Sgt Smith to help design a shirt for Wrexham Town NPT FC. The final result has exceeded our expectations – it looks fantastic. We can’t wait to wear it out in the community where we look forward to playing against local sports teams.

“A big thanks to Mike, Andy and Wendy at Macron Wrexham for their help and also to Dave Evans at PACT.”

Dave Evans, PACT Project Manager said: “We are delighted to be able to support the Wrexham Policing Team with this exciting initiative. Community engagement is such a vital part of policing and I am certain that this new football team initiative will have a positive impact in increasing their engagement with local groups.”

Superintendent Helen Corcoran said: “This is a fantastic initiative and great opportunity for our Wrexham Neighbourhood Team to build relationships with our communities.

"It is good to see the promotion of our North Wales Community Alert which is a key part of our Local Policing. It is a free messaging service for people who live and work in North Wales to help our communities to stay informed and up to date with news, alerts, appeals, engagement events and general policing activities from your local police teams.

"Please take some time to register with North Wales Community Alert, it is quick, simple and completely free.”

Find out more about the North Wales Community Alert and register by visiting the website page here: https://orlo.uk/kW0KP or https://orlo.uk/B07RG