Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton visited the new premises of 'Vigilance Properties', a security firm that has recently opened a new base in Wrexham.

Vigilance is an award-winning company providing a range of licensed security services and support to businesses and individuals across the United Kingdom.

Employees of the company are largely drawn from the veteran community, and particularly Gurkha veterans.

During her visit, on November 19, to the new Operations Control Room at the Technology Park in Wrexham, Ms Atherton met the team, including Seb Mackenzie-Wilson and Ed Mills, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operating Officer of Vigilance, George Waterfield. She also met the Operations Director, and several members of the Wrexham-based staff.

The company intends to employ up to 15 full time members of staff in the Wrexham office, all from the local area.

Alongside this, Vigilance, with the help of Ms Atherton and the UK Government's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, are also looking into the possibility of employing Afghan special forces or interpreters who have recently resettled in the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the opening of the new premises, and Ms Atherton's visit, Seb Mackenzie-Wilson, the CEO of Vigilance said: "Our links to Wrexham and its excellent local people and businesses are longstanding. Vigilance is delighted to be strengthening these close bonds with the opening of this fantastic new facility in Wrexham Technology Park. We look forward to the many exciting new opportunities to grow and develop our veterans focussed security business that this investment brings."

Adding, Ms Atherton said: "As a veteran and member of the Armed Forces community here in Wrexham, I know that the veteran experience with respect to post-service employment can be improved. This is why I am so pleased that Vigilance Properties Ltd have opened these new premises, providing valuable jobs for our local Armed Forces community. Significantly, this is also a vote of confidence in Wrexham as a place to do business, highlighting the strength of our local economy and all that our town has to offer.

"Having met the team from Vigilance last year in London, when they explained their aspiration of opening an office in North Wales, it is also great to see the plan come to fruition. Going forward, I am excited to continue working with the team from Vigilance to help make sure their future plans – such as supporting Afghan interpreters that have now resettled in the UK – are a success."