Students at a Wrexham high school are busy fundraising for a special trip.

Over the next two summers, Ysgol Clywedog is sending seven pupils to Tanzania for a month at a time.

During their time there, the students - all members of the school's Eco Task Force - will be living in the local villages and helping to build hospitals, houses, toilets, and helping children learn.

They will have the chance to go on safari, scuba dive and visit the Masai tribes.

To get on the expedition, the students - Bethan Evans, Libby Cole, Lilac Richards, Mia Davies, Llogan Chaloner, Faith Gossling and Lily Blackwell - have been raising all the money themselves, with each youngster needing to raise just under £4,000.

Head of geography, Nicholas Brown, said: "A lot of our students wouldn't normally be able to afford this kind of experience, so they've been starting up their own businesses to help raise the money they need.

"This started in lockdown, and they're continued since then.

"They've been making jewellery, running online dog shows, one of the girls has been trying to break as many World Records as she can.

"People can ask her to try and beat a specific record, and sponsor her attempt. She's so far failed every one but is raising money, awareness and having fun.

"One of the girls, Libby, raised all of hers in full lockdown. She did lots of online business schemes, and had a market stall when things could open up again.

"They've all been really, really focussed on it, some of the ideas have been ingenious."

Mr Brown added that these were just some of the dedicated members of the school's Eco Task Force, which takes on many challenges.

The group started by planting 250 trees, to help carbon offset the school buses.

Other projects have included working with schools in Lebanon and winning international competitions. Most recently, a group of Year 11 girls did a TEDx talk about saving bees. The video was made at Theatr Clwyd and was due to be sent to the COP26 Climate Change Conference.

The Eco Task Force are also taking on running the social media accounts for Plastic Free Wrecsam.

Mr Brown said: "We're at the point now where every Friday we have 55 to 60 pupils coming along to the Task Force.

"We have an allotment, we're getting bees and bee hives, more trees to plant.

"The idea of the Task Force was to get our house in order in school, then reach out to the community.

"So when the opportunity to do the social media for Plastic Free Wrecsam came up, I asked who was interested, and just about every hand went up.

"We'll be updating every week, promoting the message across Wrexham."