NEW crime data from the UK Government shows how the number of residential burglaries across England and Wales fell by 27% between March 2020 and March 2021 - the year of lockdowns.

In North Wales residential burglaries fell by 38% compared to the previous year.

The data shows there were 1,421 burglaries in North Wales during this period compared to 2,191 the previous year.

Analysis of the data by domestic security experts Excel Roller Shutters shows how there were over 72,000 fewer domestic burglaries in England and Wales.

Regional data shows that there was a reduction in residential burglaries across every single constabulary.

A spokesperson for Excel commented on the analysis: “Our analysis clearly shows the dramatic impact lockdown had on the number of residential burglaries across every single region in England and Wales. There’s a clear correlation between the lockdown periods and the reduction in recorded incidents.”

“We put this down to a combination of factors. People spending more time at home has limited the usual window of opportunity for thieves to commit break-ins, while at the same time homeowners have become increasingly aware of the need to secure their homes properly.”

“Lockdowns were particularly busy for us as homeowners have had more time and money to spend on buying and installing domestic security products”