ROB Roberts MP has responded to growing calls for his resignation.

Mr Roberts has said he is "surprised and disappointed" at North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Andy Dunbobbin saying he is not fit to hold public office.

Mr Dunbobbin spoke out after the Delyn MP was given his Conservative membership back after serving a 12-week suspension.

He was stripped of the Conservative Party whip after an independent panel found he had sexually harassed a member of his staff, had left them feeling “shocked” and “horrified”.

Mr Dunbobbin said: “It is shameful and shocking that Rob Roberts has not had the decency to resign because he clearly is not fit to hold public office after admitting such improper behaviour.

“We should be able to expect MPs and other people in public office to uphold the highest standards and if, as in this case, they clearly breach those standards then surely they should forfeit the right to represent their constituents who frankly deserve so much better.”

Mr Roberts responded: "I will not comment any further on the matter suffice to say that I apologised at the time for any distress my actions may have caused and I accepted the sanctions that were given to me by the relevant investigatory bodies, all of which have been served.

“Since being elected I have been working hard to represent members of our community on issues including; the environment, employment issues, welfare and benefits, health matters, issues relating to the local authority and some crime and anti-social behaviour cases.

"Many of the constituents who have contacted me for assistance have written back to say that they are very thankful for the help they have received."

He added: "I will continue with my work, representing Delyn in Parliament, scrutinising Government, working with local businesses and helping those in need and I welcome any member of the public to contact me if they have an issue they would like my help with.

"Mr Dunbobbin is relatively new to the role and has a large task at hand. I would welcome a meeting with him to discuss his views on threats to elected officials and the plans he has for his premiership.”

Mr Roberts said he has seen an "unacceptable" increase in "abuse and threats" aimed at him and his staff. which of course is completely unacceptable.

Many senior MPs, including Leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg, have previously urged Mr Roberts to resign.