NIGHTINGALE House has announced the closure of three of its charity shops.

The Wrexham hospice has announced the closure of its Cefn Mawr, Rhos and Ellesmere (Shropshire) stores - citing lack of footfall as the primary reason for the decision.

The hospice said whilst it has seen a good recovery in sales in most of its shops, the Cefn Mawr, Rhos and Ellesmere shops are trading "well below" 2019 levels.

This has meant that the amount that they contribute to the hospice has reduced significantly. As the main purpose of its shops is to raise funds for the hospice, Nightingale House said it is with "great sadness" that they have been closed to protect the contribution of the remaining shops.

Nightingale House has acknowledged, and thanked, the local communities for their "tremendous support" over many years by volunteering or donating and purchasing goods. It hopes that they will continue to support the hospice.

Katie Roberts, Nightingale House's head of retail, said: “I would like to say a personal thank you to all of the volunteers who have worked so hard in these shops for a number of years.

"We appreciate everything you have done for the hospice and the contribution you have made.”

Nightingale House Hospice services are completely free of charge and available to everyone in its catchment area living with a life limiting illness.

It costs £ 3,639,801 each year to run Nightingale House Hospice. That’s equivalent to: £ 303,317 per month, £ 69,996 per week and £ 9,972 per day.