No two brands have become more entwined or synonymous with the town of Wrexham, than Wrexham AFC and Wrexham Lager.

Wrexham Lager are based at the centre of Wrexham, with the Wrexham Lager Brewery Shop sited on St George’s Crescent within walking distance of the Racecourse Ground.

The Leader: Wrexham Lager brewery shopWrexham Lager brewery shop

First established in 1882, the brand was revived in 2011 by the Roberts family, to ensure a pint of Britain’s first and oldest lager could be enjoyed once more.

This historic relationship was cemented as Wrexham AFC began an exciting new era, under the stewardship of new Hollywood owners, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.

Wrexham Lager has committed to sponsoring the Yale Stand at the ground, for the next three seasons.

Featuring the brewery’s iconic logo, the renamed Wrexham Lager Stand will advertise the brand that has become intrinsically linked with the town.

The Leader: Wrexham Lager standWrexham Lager stand

Joss Roberts, speaking on behalf of Wrexham Lager, said: “Wrexham football and Wrexham Lager have always and I think, will always go hand in hand.

“This weekend has been a perfect example, the pubs have been absolutely bouncing and there has been excitement around the town that we haven’t seen in years and years.

"It’s a historic link that we are now happy to bring even closer, with the Wrexham Lager Stand name and Wrexham Lager being sold in the ground and in the pubs all around.

"There is a real buzz around Wrexham and the football club at the moment.”

The Leader: Wrexham LagerWrexham Lager

Also, recently, Wrexham Lager has been doing very well, winning gold awards in the industry and being stocked in more and more countries around the world.

The brewery also brews the increasingly popular Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner, endorsed by Wrexham AFC superfan and podcaster Karl ‘Bootlegger’ Phillips.

Joss added: “For me, I’m a Wrexham football fan and a Wrexham Lager fan, so it’s a very proud time for me and my family.

“But it should also be a proud time for the town of Wrexham, Wrexham Lager has a lot of history and is iconic to this town.

“You can go back a few generations, and I bet there are a lot of families who had grandads or great-grandads, who worked at Wrexham Lager. It means a lot.

"Rob and Ryan have brought investment, but they’ve also brought the passion for the football.

“There is excitement in the air for the football around town again.

"It’s above and beyond, they are pushing the football club, but they are also pushing our town. It really is wonderful.

“The town needs the football. It’s brought people together after so long of not being together.

"Like Rob said in the week, the ground is like a cathedral. It’s where the whole town comes together. maybe at the match, they’ll have a pint of Wrexham Lager, it just all gels together and feels right.”

And for the future?

The Leader: Wrexham Lager

“We are very close to bringing back something iconic, that we think will create a lot of excitement before Christmas,” added Joss, whose uncle Jon Roberts, a director of Wrexham Lager, added: “We have great ideas for the future, we too are also looking at ways we can also make a difference, in Wrexham, our new project The F Jones Initiative, named after our grandfather, highlights this.

"We hope the growing awareness of our brand, will enable us to continue this work in the future.

“We also hope the positive publicity currently being generated, will encourage other businesses to follow Delta Capita and Net world Sports and invest in Wrexham, we feel that there is a bright future for this area.”