WALES is set to tighten Covid restrictions to tackle a rising number of hospital admissions, says the Welsh Government.

Rates of Covid-19 in Wales are currently the highest in the UK.

Wales is to remain at alert level zero, but more measures to protect the public will be taken.

The Welsh Government wants to extend the use of the Covid Pass to theatres, cinemas and concert halls from November 15.

The Covid Pass is currently used for people wanting to gain entry to nightclubs, indoor no-seating events with more than 500 people, outdoor no-seating events with more than 4,000 people and any event with more than 10,000 people.

Adults who are fully vaccinated and children aged five to 17 will have to self-isolate until they have received a negative PCR test if someone in their household has symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19.

Unvaccinated people will have to isolate for 10 days following contact with someone who has tested positive, including close contacts outside of their household.

Cases in schools were numerous before half term, so staff and secondary school students will also be encouraged to take twice-weekly lateral flow tests - schools in Gwent are already being encouraged to do this.

Headteachers will be given as-yet-unspecified extra support to quickly put measures in place in schools if local case rates are high.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said: "Over the past three weeks, coronavirus cases have risen sharply to the highest rates we have seen since the pandemic began and more people are falling so seriously ill that they need hospital treatment.

"All this means that the pandemic is far from over.

"We need to take more action now to strengthen the measures we have in place at alert level zero to prevent coronavirus spreading even further and more people falling seriously ill.

"We hope this action will help to turn the tide of this delta.

"None of us wants to see a return to restrictions but if rates continue to rise, the cabinet will have no choice but to consider raising the alert level at the next review.

"Let’s all work together as a team to reduce the spread of coronavirus and keep Wales open and keep Wales safe."

The Welsh Government is also continuing to encourage everyone to work from home wherever possible and is still imposing a legal requirement to wear a face covering in indoor public places.