"Moving Wales forward" and supporting young people into work were the messages from Cardiff today.

Economy minister Vaughan Gething said he was set to "outline the vision for moving Wales forward after the pandemic" in the Senedd later.

But this plan will be made "significantly more difficult if the UK Government does not honour its promises" on post-Brexit funds.

He says Westminster has been "denying Wales the vital investment needed", with the Welsh Government kept "in the dark" about how central funds will be allocated to Wales.

The chancellor's upcoming Spending Review is "an opportunity" to fix this, he added.

Today's press conference comes shortly after the set out a vision fro improving prosperity across Wales.

In a statement published on Monday, he said a Team Wales model of economic recovery would offer "as much certainty as possible" for businesses facing a volatile recovery from the pandemic.

The investment of public money will be tied to firms' action on fair work, decarbonisation and skills.

"A strong Welsh recovery will be based on the principles of fair work and sustainability as we invest in the industries and services of the future," Mr Gething.

"As we face the headwinds of Brexit, I am determined that our credible plans will offer as much certainty as possible to help businesses plan ahead.

"A new era of partnership for stronger regions, a young person’s guarantee, a plan to back our everyday economy and collaboration with world leading, advanced manufacturing. This is the cause for optimism for the future we are building in Wales.

"My ambition is to make Wales a place where more young people feel confident in planning their future here.

"You don’t have to get out to get on, make your future here in Wales."

In the briefing, Mr Gething added that he wanted to create "better jobs closer to home".

He said the Team Wales approach to economic recovery relies on "credible plans that offer as much certainty as possible".

He says Wales will avoid "headline-grabbing" policies that "unravel" in a matter of days.

Wales will invest in "new skills required for the quality, secure jobs a low-carbon economy will rely on".

Climate change targets will lead to "better jobs closer to home", he added, and the government will make sure the "transition to net-zero is fair to working people".

He added that supporting young workers would be key.

The number of people in Wales aged 16-64 has been decreasing since 2008.

Mr Gething wants to build an economy "where more young people feel confident about planning their future in Wales".

This includes building "more dynamic local economies" so that young people in Wales don't feel like they need to "get out to get on".