WREXHAM MP Sarah Atherton has called for a summit to discuss crime and anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

The MP has written to Wrexham Senedd Member Lesley Griffiths MS, Leader of Wrexham Council Cllr Mark Pritchard, and Police Inspector Luke Hughes to invite them to a meeting to discuss what she calls ongoing issues.

Ms Atherton said that it was an “opportune time when the profile of Wrexham is on the rise and we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

She added that she hoped all involved could “sit down together and work closely for the benefit of all Wrexham residents, businesses and the future of the town.”

This follows an earlier letter from Ms Atherton to Cllr Pritchard in August, in which she outlined her concerns about anti-social behaviour following “complaints and comments” from residents.

Recently, town centre businesses, such as those around Central Arcade, have complained about a lack of public toilet facilities, which has resulted in increased public urination and defecation.

The MP highlighted an award of £339,000 to Wrexham from the UK Government’s ‘Safer Streets Fund’, which will include improving CCTV coverage, creating safer spaces for women and girls as well as providing training and education for Wrexham Street Pastors and Hope Street volunteers.

Ms Atherton has said that the new Police & Crime Commissioner for North Wales Andy Dunbobbin must use this funding “wisely” to ensure communities across Wrexham “feel the benefit”.

Commenting on the invitations, Ms Atherton said: “Anti-social behaviour and crime have long been prevalent issues in Wrexham, but with the Covid-19 pandemic and the support measures in place, many residents, including myself, saw distinct improvements across the town. However, residents and businesses are now telling me that they worried that anti-social behaviour and crime are rising once again, which needs direct and rapid action.

“I have already spoken out about a number of recent issues, such as the lack of public toilet facilities in the town centre, which many view as a cause of the public urination issues, and I now want to bring those that have the power to make the changes together. I hope that all those invited will look upon my invitation positively because, after all, we are all working for the betterment of Wrexham.

“Significantly, North Wales Police have now been awarded £339,000 under the UK Government’s ‘Safer Streets Fund’, which is good news for Wrexham and will be a first step towards making Wrexham a safer and more welcoming town.

"Going forward, I also want to make sure that this funding is used wisely to ensure that those communities in Wrexham affected by increased anti-social behaviour and crime feel the benefit as soon as possible.”

Ms Atherton has suggested dates in early November for the meeting.