THE OWNER of a welding business in Flintshire has used his expertise to transform an old shipping container into a kiosk that will provide hot food and drinks.

Liam Edwards, who owns Securiweld on Bromfield Industrial Estate in Mold, has turned the container into the Unit 7 Grill - which will offer a variety of hot food, drinks and specials.

The inspiration behind the plan came from Liam's own experiences as working as a local contractor, where he noticed something was missing to provide contractors with a place to grab breakfast and a hot drink.

The Leader: The container in the early stages of its renovation.The container in the early stages of its renovation.

He said: "The idea basically came from my own experience with being out on the road visiting various factories and sites and trying to find somewhere you could go quick to either get some hot food or a drink as you are always on the go.

"So this being situated right in the middle of the industrial estate with all the local trade counters in the area it makes sense to try and provide for all these people, as most eateries are in the town centre and big food vans find it hard to park up to get something quickly."

The Leader: Liam's welding expertise played a vital role in the transformation of the unit.Liam's welding expertise played a vital role in the transformation of the unit.

Liam, who also lives in Mold with his wife, Emma, added: "Unit 7 Grill can hopefully cater for these people as well as the general public and dog walkers that walk past it day in, day out.

"We so excited about this new venture."

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Liam, who is hoping to use local produce, is now looking to recruit a chef to cook the burgers and breakfast menu on offer, as well as prepare the various coffees and tea available.

When it opens, it will be open Monday to Saturday - from first thing in the morning until the early afternoon.

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