MORE than 4.7 million doses of the main covid vaccines have been given out in Wales.

And more than 87 per cent of people 12 and older have had at least their first dose, the Welsh Government's health minister said on Tuesday.

Eluned Morgan MS said 81 per cent of those people have had both doses.

Younger adults are currently in the process of getting their vaccines, though some older people are still coming forward.

And, Ms Morgan stressed that it is not too late for anyone.

Ms Morgan was speaking at the Welsh Government covid briefing where she was joined by Dr Gill Richardson, Wales’ deputy chief medical officer for vaccines.

The meeting started with MS Morgan condemning the anti vaccination protests seen at vaccination centres over the weekend.

She said: "We all have the right to take part in peaceful protests, and make our views known.

"But, reports of adults bullying and harassing children and their parents as they enter a vaccination clinic is nothing short of despicable."

According to Dr Richardson, all 12-15 year-olds will have been offered their first vaccine by November 1.

She added that it is hoped that all eligible care home residents will have been offered their booster.

It is expected that priority groups will be offered a booster appointment "before the end of the year".

According to JCVI modelling, this flu season could be 50-100 per cent higher than a typical season, and could peak at a different time.

Ms Morgan said: "This is the first season where we will have significant amounts of coronavirus circling as well as flu.

"We saw very little flu last winter."

During the briefing, the minster was asked whether the Wales lockdown came too late.

She said: "It would have been extremely difficult for us to have locked down before England for lots of practical reasons.

"For example, we've got the border. But also, furlough was not available so it would have been difficult for us to have.

"The fact is that we have responded very positively since then. Our vaccination programme has been successful.

"Since then, we have taken a far more cautious approach, compared with the rest of the United Kingdom."